Active Inference for Dummies

To understand Karl Friston, the founder of Active Inference, can be difficult. So, I found a blog that explains it…

I FINALLY FOUND an AMAZING BLOG about Active Inference, thank you OLEG!! 😀

I also wrote (some time ago) something for Dummies, but it might be even more confusing, now when I read it, because it has no math at all so it is more difficult to be exact…

If my words are not enough to understand (even though I did not use the neuroscience terminology)
then here is a video to understand the text above more easily — it is an animation I made with Synfig.
It is not the best animation, but I admit I was just having fun (I drew everything and glued it together)
NB: this video merely describes the idea of Active Inference
(so authors, if ever you see this, please do not be offended by the over-simplification)