About  Facing Life

My first documentary, very amateur. Try to surpass the quality of my old Sony camera,
and try to focus on the story, even though the translation is not best haha
I wanted to help a boy to follow his dream of becoming a photographer.
He inspired me with his optimism, positive energy and a great eye for details.
With this documentary I was to collect money and buy him a camera,
which I succeeded in doing, and he soon after had an exposition of
his own photographs in a gallery in Belgrade.
I admit I filmed within 2 days so the flying birds and fountains are a bit kitsch,
however I had nothing else to add as “nice” nature scenes.
It was a part of a film-making project called ISWIB, and
I thank Iva Crispim for posting it and for adding the ending…

The leit motiv is movement — joy comes with mobility, dance, work.
The story develops from vast to narrow narrative:
(from general problems of poor kids, to a shelter for kids, to a story of one boy, Mirko).


About  Ripples

A very amateur trailer about causality, the little choices we make every day that shape our life.
I find it quite naive after all these years, but with a nice rhythm.

About  Mardin Dressmakers

Again a very amateur short documentary encouraging women to enjoy work and be independent in Mardin, Turkey.


About  singing Kurdish

I enjoyed a lot my stay in Mardin, Turkey (Kurdistan) where I discovered a lot about the Kurdish culture and language.
The fact that Kurdish was not allowed to be spoken, singing was even more unimaginable.
I enjoyed very much singing their traditional, almost forgotten songs.
Dilbere means young (pretty) girl.

Singing Kurdish: