My first documentary, very amateur. Never mind the quality of my old Sony camera,
the story is the point, although poor translation.
I wanted to help a boy to follow his dream of becoming a photographer.
So with this documentary I was to collect money and buy him a camera,
which I succeeded in doing (one of my biggest accomplishments in life).

He inspired me with his energy, his optimism,
and I hope this short clip will help the boy inspire many others as well.
The leit motiv is movement — joy comes with mobility, dance, work.
I admit I filmed within 2 days so the flying birds and fountains are a bit kitsch,
however I had nothing else to add as “nice” nature scenes.

Also, The story develops from vast to narrow storyline
(from general problems of poor kids to a shelter, to a story of one boy, Mirko).

A very amateur trailer for an interactive movie about causality,
choices and a possibility of parallel time lines.
I find it a bit naive after all these years, but with a nice rhythm.

A very amateur short documentary encouraging women to enjoy work and be independent.
in Mardin, Turkey.

Singing Kurdish: